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nico1899, uploading wallpapers since 1899.


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The Wall

D.4.V.3.7128 Show comment
Thanks for your upload
deepstatus33.93K Show comment
here the F**** is h33t dude?? hows you bro? wink
nico189935.3K Show comment
I'm wondering the same thing man, I will try to get in touch with some of the goodfellas, maybe they have any news, but as far as I can see, the site is gone for good, a shame. LD was missing the last time the site went online. Have you seen any of the guys around? Nice to know I'm not the only who misses the good old h33t!
deepstatus33.93K Show comment
well my consern here is if LD is arrested again... i want to not belive in this.. but his MIA was not normal... he should have give the keys to superl and flint... for sure we all together could run the site... lot of bla bla we are writing the story page of p2p and then.. puff.. goned..

hey you still have the best avatar!! cool
nico189935.3K Show comment
haha, if one thing I've done right, is choosing that avatar, is funny as hell. H33t started to go down the road a few years ago, when we all asked LD for more tools to moderate and he couldn't do anything, the site needed a change from the code. The sad part is that we were a really nice group of mods, and we did a good work keeping the site alive when LD was in trouble, specially superl and flint. I agree with you, I think he should have given the keys to superl, flint as his right hand and a couple of developers to help with the code, that was it. But I can't judge LD, I guess he was really in trouble and couldn't even get his hands on the keys. That happens when you're a lone wolf like him, I also think he was a little bit nuts! haha... but he is a really cool guy to talk with.
weber_fan3201 Show comment
I was a member of h33t as well.
There were three members that I grabbed wallpapers from.
Wallpapersxplore, Tenebra, and you, Nico, until I found KickAss Torrents, and started downloading your collections from here.

weber_fan3201 Show comment
Hi nico1899, congratulations on becoming an "Elite Uploader"!
nico189935.3K Show comment
Thank you, I didn't realize until you told me. biggrin

pirateex500 Show comment
I decided I wanted a wallpaper change after a long time of the same goldfish...then I found you. The almighty God of wallpapers (that are beautiful and fit my screen perfectly).
Thank you for taking the time to upload these collections.
It means a lot to the torrent community to have such a dedicated uploader.
nico189935.3K Show comment
You're welcome pirateex, that has to be one of the nicest comments I recieved.

N!CKNAM31024 Show comment
just finished your flowers wall collectionbiggrin
i think i have triple's i got them beforechuckle
oh well nice to look at back to moddinginlove
mankykas1460 Show comment
can you upload 1080 x 1920 wallpapers
weber_fan3201 Show comment
Hello nico1899, I hope you have a good PI day! chuckle
Innocent.Baby38.45K Show comment
Have a nice day loveliness
v01dh4x0r4727 Show comment
I was wondering if maybe you, or anyone else here, could please seed the following torrents:

40 Anime Wallpapers 3840x2160 [Set 15]
40 Anime Wallpapers 3840x2160 [Set 16]
40 Anime Wallpapers 3840x2160 [Set 21]
40 Anime Wallpapers 3840x2160 [Set 24]
40 Anime Wallpapers 3840x2160 [Set 26]

I have downloaded all the other sets of your '40 Anime Wallpapers 3840x2160' torrents and they are awesome, but those sets I listed above just won't come down, so if you or anyone else can seed those, I would be very happy! biggrin
MILKYCHANCE4728 Show comment
Happy New Year

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