Video Copilot - Optical Flares (Complete Package)

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This is a complete Optical Flares torrent compiled by ImmortalNeo at Demonoid.

This torrent includes the following:
- Optical Flares [PC] (Working crack/keygen supplied)
- Optical Flares [Mac] (Working crack supplied)
- Pro Presets (Already loaded in the presets folders for both PC & Mac)
- VCP Website FLV tutorials
- VCP Advanced FLV tutorials

This is the combined effort on many people, I am simply providing it all combined into one package. So here are all the people that need thanking, these were users that I worked with directly:

- CopyFuKit (from TPB, for providing the original Optical Flares installation files)

- Spider853, danilocor, johnnyguitarist, other donors (from CGPersia, for providing licenses, cracking skills, and providing the final working crack for Windows)

- sk8pmp (from Demonoid, for providing the Advanced tutorials)

- Zorkep (from Demonoid, for providing the Pro Presets)

- Andrew Kramer, for making and providing amazing resources and software!Updates on all of my torrents here:

Feel free to sign up on our forums, where you can discuss all of my torrents as well as everything related to P2P:

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Video Copilot - Optical Flares (Complete Package)


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Top Comments

anonymous • 25 Nov 2011, 18:20
HOLY F**K YOU MADE MY HEART STOP THEN START AGAIN ONCE I SAW THE OPTIONS COME UP!!!!! What i did was i copied the Presets, Textures, and the .aex then i went to "" and got the windows new version and then... :) I replaced the .aex and then i restarted AE then i searched Optical Flares under the Effects and Prestes Tab and it came up, then it had the Not Valid thing but i coped it then ran crack as admin and generated the LIC file, and finally restarted AE and i was allowed to the options tab so i can use Optical Flares :) Good Torrent, TY so Much :)
Shadowing9 • 04 Aug 2013, 09:58
Ok I got this working finally. Well figured it out in like 5 minutes after the first failure haha.
Here is some better instructions for retards like my self. Decided to type instructions for someone who is like majorly noob
1. uncompressed the opticalFlares_win.rar file with the rar program that can be downloaded online for free go download it.
2. copy the optical flare folder into your After effects plug in folder
3. Go to find the newest update for your operating system.
4. Copy the .aex that you just downloaded from into the Optical flares folder
5. Start After effects and try to give a layer the optical flare effect. This will bring up a new window saying you don't have a valid license. Copy the code that pops up in the next window. Now close out After Effects
6. Now go back to your Optical Flares folder and click on the crack file and paste in that code.
7. Then select your optical flares folder this will install the license that the crack generates into your Optical Flares folder
8. Launch After Effects again and you should now beable to add a opticals flares effect to a layer with out the Not Valid window poping up

This was done on Windows 7 64bit After Effects CS6

Last edited by Shadowing, 10 months ago

anonymous • 24 Nov 2010, 08:08
I'm using a Mac Book Pro, AE CS3. AE crashes right after you click on the OPTIONS in the Optical Flares effect control. Doesn't work.

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anonymous • 20 December 2014, 10:05 Show comment
Does it work in Adobe CS6 ????????
anonymous • 19 December 2014, 05:00 Show comment
Does it work with AE CC?
anonymous • 16 December 2014, 16:23 Show comment
I've copied the Optical Flares folder a thousand times inside my plug-ins folder but after effects (cs6) wont find it in the effect list. I can't apply the effect to any solid layer. Any solution? Thanks
anonymous • 17 December 2014, 09:19 Show comment
yeah im having the same problem, but it worked at first, and then i had to re install AE cs6. and experiencing the same thing as you are. and the link in the first 2 comments are out of date now. and to top it all all i have windows 8.which is a bloody nuisance.
anonymous • 18 December 2014, 17:56 Show comment
not sure if you tried it. You need to go the the videocopilot>connect>support>updates - the update is one of the link that says "updates" at the left. Once downloaded copy it and paste it in the plugin folder (it will replace the OpticalFlare.aex from this download) then open your AE go effects type optical flare in and apply. then the rest follow the instruction from the pdf in the download
anonymous • 04 December 2014, 22:45 Show comment
Step 7. I got it! The problem was that you need to operate as the administrator, but when you try to install the license in the Optical Flares folder it never asks you to "run as administrator". What you have to do is to install the license in a different folder (let's say desktop) and then copy the file in the Optical Flares folder. Then it will ask you to facilitate permission as the administrator and you will be able to copy the file. This way it will work. Hope it helps.
anonymous • 04 December 2014, 22:38 Show comment
Step 7. When I select the folder to install the license, it los like nothing happens. No confirmation message or anything of the sort. I run After Effects after and still get the "don't have the valid license code". Help, please!
anonymous • 03 November 2014, 04:57 Show comment

Attention After Effect CC Owners!!!!!

If you want Optical Flares to work in AE CC, follow these step. 1.Visit and click on "Optical Flares" 2.Download File and move the aex file to where you installed the old one. 3.Make sure you already got your WHID number!!!! 4.Open crack as admin, paste WHID, and direct it to your Optical Flares folder (X:/Program Files/Adobe/After Effects/Support/Plug-Ins) 5.Next close the crack and go to your folder (above) and open your presets and delete Evening Sun.ofp. 6.Now you can open AE CC and create new Comp: Ctrl + N Create new solid: Ctrl + Y 7.On your tool bar (above) click effects and go to Video Copilot (Usually the very bottom) 8.Click on it. If you still see distorted lines, click "Options" within the plugin and a window will appear. 9.Click File > Preferences. Now check "do not use GPU" 10.Close optical flares, then click options again, and it should be perfect. __This method worked perfect for me! Thanks Uploader! BTW: Any Optical Flares torrent with the crack will work__
anonymous • 23 October 2014, 18:33 Show comment
use winebottler to generate your own code on osx
anonymous • 23 October 2014, 18:32 Show comment
Other things to try are disabling your GPU rendering (this is found under the options for your Optical Flares in File > Preferences) and deleting a preset called Evening Sun.ofp from Optical Flares Presets > Lens Flares
DMCL593 • 19 October 2014, 01:50 Show comment
im sorry andrew if i can buy this i could.. but here i having low budget.

Last edited by DMCL, 2 months ago

anonymous • 03 October 2014, 01:48 Show comment
I did exactly what you said, but still coming up not licensed! I dont thing its generating code! HEEELLPPPPP!
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